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Mogie enjoys Christmas in July with a catnip candy
cane stick at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

Mr. Mau prepares for takeoff

Sleepy Molly

Mittens spends some quality time in a catnip-
scented box at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

Inge, from Fairbanks, Alaska
maintains a firm grip on his Ratherbee cigar

Bob with a Catnip Cigar

Skimmer and Nikki go out on a limb

Cowboy, the Original El Gato Cigar label model
hiding from his fans

Teddy Bearz of Quebec, Canada
savors a Nip Stick

Cuddles surveys her territory at
The Blue Cat in Key West, Florida

CJ the serval from AVJ Natural Cat
having a ball on his 14th birthday

Traffic backs up for Chase
visiting Confetti Cats - a unique
gift store in Cincinnati, OH

Angel falls into a
catnip bear-induced trance

Muffin, from the Netherlands
having sweet dreams
with a Ratherbee catnip cigar

Rodney of Fairbanks, Alaska keeps a
watchful eye out for intruders while
guarding his Ratherbee catnip cigar

Gizmo models his Sunday-best pancake hat

Sambuca curls up for a nap
with a Ratherbee Le Rat

Nicole says Sambuca is
the cutest baby cat ever

BB from Oregon curls up
with a Ratherbee Carrot

Noodles from San Francisco
enjoying his Ratherbee catnip cigar

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